At Circuitree we offer a complete, unique electronic and PCB design experience. At the forefront of the PCB design community we are committed to offer a comprehensive range of design services for almost any type of electronic product, from initial concept to design.

Circuitree has extensive expertise in printed circuit board design layout. We repond to our client's requirements and deliver high quality solution such as multi-layer boards, analog and digital, differential pairs, controlled impedance and ultra high-speed designs. Whether you are a start-up who is prototyping a design, or an established organization requiring multi-layer circuit board designs, our designers are just a phone call away.

PCB design is rarely simple or easy, particularly when each new project demands shorter project times, reduced unit costs or greater design complexity. Therefore Circuitree's experience and expertise can prove invaluable in meeting these challenges. Over the years we have successfully completed hundreds of PCB design projects for some of the world's most demanding and largest electronics manufacturers in the following sectors:

Consumer Electronics

Circuitree offer you:

Ultra high speed designs Guaranteed quick turn-around time
Multi-layer (any layer count) Designs Analog & Digital designs
Micro-BGA and BGA  
Autorouting & Handroutng Single point of contact
Cadence Allegro, Altium & Mentor Graphics PADs RoHs & Pb- free compliance



We can work with PCB design and engineering managers based anywhere in the world and are used to handling multi-team, multi-national projects.

Our design resources have many years' experience in the PCB design arena, but we do not keep this experience to ourselves, we ensure that our expertise is passed to our customers as part of our on-going commitment to design excellence.

Circuitree provides an efficient design service to our customer base while taking into account all the necessary design criteria to ensure a right-first-time product. Our extensive knowledge enables the design team to not only deliver the product on time but also provide cost effective solutions by considering the design trade-offs at an early stage in the development process.

Circuitree has been covering all aspects of design using a variety of manufacturing technologies. The markets we have served are many and varied; Satellite, telecommunications (base-stations and handset design), mobile communications, gas and oil, mil-aerospace and the automotive industry to name but a few.

Handling so many projects each year, there is almost no design or engineering problem we have not come across before, so whatever your needs, please CONTACT US for further information.


All Circuitree designers are conversant with the requirements of

• Analogue design                                        • Digital design

• Power Supply (LTM)                                   • RF – Stripline/Microstrip

• Mixed Signal design                                   • Microwave design

• High-power/voltage design                       • High-speed design – Signal Integrity

• EMC/EMI • Intrinsically safe operation


This diverse range of customer requirements has meant that a wide range of board construction has been considered to provide the optimum solution for each requirement. As a result we have extensive knowledge when designing using

• Single sided                                 • Double sided

• Multilayer                                     • Flex • Flexible-rigid

• Ceramic substrates (Thickfilm/Thinkfilm Hybrid design)

• Exotic materials – Polyimide, PVC etc


The board construction is just one part of the manufacturing requirement; the assembly and component mounting schemes also drive the final solution. As such we also have the required skills when dealing with

• Through hole Component                                • SMD Components

• BGAs, µBGAs and LGAs                               • µVias, blind and buried vias

• CSPs • Flip-chip                                           • Bare-die

• LGA (Land Grid Arrays)                                 • LTM Power Devices


Our aim is to provide the right solution to you at the right time. We pride ourselves on being able to match the right design, fabrication and assembly techniques to deliver a cost effective solution for both your prototype and production needs. When designing any PCB we always consider the DFM (Design For Manufacture), DFA (Design For Assembly) and DFT (Design For Test) requirements as a matter of course.