Circuitree is a Pakistan leading PCB design bureau. We offer on and off site PCB Layout Services. Our PCB designers have many years of printed circuit board design experience, and are exposed to a wider variety of design problems in a year than many designers deal with in a career. They are experts in using all the main PCB design software packages and we ensure that we have all the latest versions and updates, so whatever package you use we will be able to fit seamlessly into your projects. The PCB design packages we are regularly use include:

Layout Tools: Cadence Allegro
  Mentor Graphics PAD
  Spectra Autorouter
Schematic capture: OrCAD
  OrCAD/ Concept HDL/ Power Logic
Gerber tool: CAM 350


We have experience in all areas of PCB design. A lot of our projects have requirements for rapid prototyping, DFM, DFT, DFA, WEEE, Pb-free, RoHS, EuP, HS and SI.

All our staff have at least first degrees in electronic/electrical engineering, enabling us to provide the highest quality service for your electronic engineering requirements. Our design experience includes:

High speed design up to 20ghz Multilayer pcb designs upto 28 layers
Analog/digital design Burn-in boards
RF high frequency design Thru Hole
Power Distribution Multilayer
Mixed Technologies Backplanes
High Density Design, HDI Mother Boards
Impedance control Peripherals
Matched Line Lengths Controller Cards
Differential Pairs Demo/Test Boards
Micro BGA's & PGA's Load Boards
Microvia, Blind & Buried Vias Eval-Boards
Design for manufacture  


Team Based PCB Design---Circuitree's partitioning technology enables multiple designers to simultaneously work on the same PCB layout design.

 • Team-based PCB Design

 • Partitioning technology

• Effective use of layout resource

• Concurrent & collaborative capability


                - True 24/7 operation

                - 100% Manual Routing

                - Reduce design cycle time

                - Minimize layer count

                - Cost savings

                - Flexibility

 Quote Package Requirement

 • Schematic or equivalent netlist

 • Bill of Materials

• Mechanical Board Outline

 • Suggested Component Placement

 • Preliminary Layout Instructions* (SOW with Electrical Constraints)

 • Product Requirements* (Certifications, Standards, etc.)

• Design Guidelines

• Component footprint datasheet  Deliverable Items Required

• Schedule Needs

Standard Deliverables

• Database

• Gerber File

• Manufacturing Files

• Custom deliverables available upon request